Have You Been Considering Filler? Let’s Talk JUVÉDERM®! Plus, a Product You’re Going to Love for Smoother Skin!

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by backto30

It’s officially December and you are probably in full gear for the holidays!  What an exciting time of the year.  It’s also exciting because as promised last month, we are going to spill all of the details about JUVÉDERM®!  JUVÉDERM® is so popular right now, in fact it’s one of our favorite treatments we offer here at our Upstate South Carolina med spa, Back to 30.  

We see a lot of women in our med spa that have been considering filler for a while, but are scared to take the leap because they aren’t familiar with how it works, or are worried they won’t have natural-looking results.  Rest assured, this is our specialty!

If you are unhappy with your skin or lips due to age-related lines, wrinkles, or volume loss, you’re going to love this blog post.  A dermal filler might be perfect for you, as it can be a great way to rejuvenate your facial features for a more youthful appearance.  Let’s dive in!


As we age, we tend to get pesky fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss.  Our lips can even get thinner!  JUVÉDERM® is a dermal filler that provides a safe and effective way to restore volume, and fill fine lines and wrinkles without surgery.  

Let’s put it this way, if you’re thinking of lifting it, smoothing it or plumping it… think JUVÉDERM®!  

There are several types of JUVÉDERM® for different needs.  You may be a great candidate if you’re dealing with:

  • Nasolabial or marionette lines
  • Fine lines around the mouth
  • Loss of volume in the cheeks or chin
  • Thin lips
  • Other age-related lines, wrinkles, or folds

It’s crazy to think that these tiny little lines or changes in our faces can add so much age to our overall appearance!


JUVÉDERM® offers 5 different products to meet your specific needs, and we offer all of them here at Back to 30.

Whether you want to add volume, plump lips, smooth lines, or lift and contour cheeks, we’ve got you covered.   Here are the 5 JUVÉDERM® products we offer:

  • JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC
  • JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC
  • JUVÉDERM® Voluma® XC
  • JUVÉDERM® Volbella
  • JUVÉDERM® Vollure


We absolutely love doing lip injections.  We hear a lot of complaints about thin lips.  In fact, thin lips can affect the overall look of your face giving you an older appearance.  Maybe your lips have grown thinner over the years, or you are unhappy with the size of your natural lips.  Either way, you may be a candidate for JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC, JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC or JUVÉDERM® Volbella®.

If you’re wondering how it works, we can explain it like this.  Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body.   It helps your skin retain moisture for a fuller appearance.  You guessed it, as we age we lose a significant amount of natural hyaluronic acid in our skin.  


JUVÉDERM® is made of a hyaluronic acid-based gel, and can fill in wrinkles and increase volume. The hyaluronic acid can temporarily bind with your cells to increase volume in your lips.  

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC: This product is thinner and softer than other varieties of JUVÉDERM®. If you are wanting just a slight boost of volume or to improve the symmetry of your lips, this might be a great choice.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC: The Ultra Plus variety is thicker.  This product allows us to achieve more dramatic results with significant augmentation effects.

JUVÉDERM® Volbella XC: This product can provide lasting lip volume and plumpness, as well as fill smoker’s lines and wrinkles surrounding the mouth.


Good news!  All variations of this product contain specially formulated doses of lidocaine.  That means you can expect virtually discomfort-free injections.  


As you get older, have you noticed your face getting thinner and less plump as it was before?  This happens!  Over time many things can cause the quality of fat in your face to diminish.  From hormonal changes to fluctuating weight and sun exposure.  Because of this, your face can have a thinner or more sunken look that makes you appear older.  

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC is a specialized gel containing hyaluronic acid.   This formation of JUVÉDERM® has been designed specifically to enhance volume in the cheeks.  In some cases, we can also use this dermal filler to re-contour your jawline!  

JUVÉDERM® Voluma® XC is the only filler approved by the FDA to correct age-related volume loss in the cheeks, cheekbones, and the chin.


VOLBELLA® XC is an FDA-approved treatment for thin lips and smoker’s lines.  Are you looking to recreate or define your cupid’s bow?  Yes, that can be done!

This filler can also be used as a dermal filler to reduce small, vertical wrinkles around the mouth. These injections may be a good option if your lips are naturally thin, or you notice signs of aging as the fat cells in this area break down.  

VOLBELLA® XC is created with patented Vycross® technology.  This technology allows for cross-linking between high and low-weight HA molecules.  The VOLBELLA® gel is very smooth.  The result?  Incredibly realistic results.  Also, it’s worth mentioning that Vycross® technology can also make injections easier and more comfortable.


Laughing is a beautiful thing, and we should all do more of it.  However, laugh lines aren’t so fun.  JUVÉDERM Vollure can address moderate to severe signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and deep facial folds around the mouth.

This injectable also provides significantly longer-lasting results than other dermal fillers on the market.  Although Vollure features the same Vycross technology as Voluma and Volbella, this form is approved by the FDA to use this technology in treating laugh lines and marionette lines around the mouth and nose (nasolabial folds).


Before treatment begins, one of our team members will clean the area being treated.  We use syringes with very small needles to inject the dermal filler into the underlying tissues on your face.  Because these injections contain lidocaine, most clients will feel little to no discomfort during the procedure.

We will go over all of your concerns and questions before the procedure so you know exactly what to expect for which injection you are receiving.  Most treatment sessions can be completed in under an hour.


If you’re looking for natural looking results, you’ve come to the right place.  After your injections, you can notice immediate results. Your fuller lips can give you an overall younger appearance without a “worked on” look.

JUVÉDERM® is a conservative treatment. No surgeries, very little discomfort and no recovery time.  JUVÉDERM® is quite affordable and the results are long-lasting. Be sure to ask us how long you can expect the effects of the injections to last.  Depending on which product is used, the effects can often remain for up to a year.  Some of the products can have even longer-lasting results.  Plus, you can receive additional injections in the future if you decide.  Don’t worry, we’ll go over everything with you in person so you can feel as comfortable as possible!

Let’s Talk About SkinMedica HA5

Now that we’ve given you the details about JUVÉDERM®, we want to introduce you to SkinMedica’s product, HA5®.  With all of this talk about Hyaluronic Acid (HA), we thought this would be the perfect product to discuss.

Since this product is from SkinMedica, you can use Alle Points for it!  


We are absolutely loving this product.  It provides immediate smoothing in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  In fact, HA5® supports the skin’s ability to replenish its own hyaluronic acid.  Pretty impressive!  This product helps your skin retain moisture resulting in radiant, rejuvenated tone and texture.

This product can be used for all skin types.


  • HA5® delivers both immediate and long-term benefits
  • Instantly smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Immediate hydration
  • Improves the appearance of skin texture and roughness

HA5® has a proprietary mix of five HA forms that smooth the skin. The 5 HA’s work synergistically to provide immediate smoothing and continuous hydration throughout the day.

You can apply this product twice daily, in the morning and at night.  It should be applied after cleansing, toning and treating skin.  You can also apply before you moisturize and apply SPF.

You can apply this product to your neck, chest, face or any area where fine lines and wrinkles are.  You will want to wet your fingertips before applying HA5 to your skin, because this product contains a water-loving substance!


VITISENSCE® Technology
This technology is exclusive to SkinMedica®.  It harnesses potent antioxidants found in Vitis Flower Stem Cell Extract, Peptide Complex to support rejuvenation and hydration, and Polysaccharides from French Polynesia for healthy-looking skin.  All of this works together!


  • Time Release HA
    A SkinMedica® proprietary ingredient for sustained release of HA
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
    For immediate hydration
  • Uncross-linked HA
    For smoothness and hydration
  • Nano HA
    Soothes skin
  • Cross-Linked HA
    Provides long-lasting hydration for up to 8 hours

If you’re interested in HA5®, let us know and we can answer your questions about the ingredients and what is making this product provide such great results.  We think it makes a great addition to your skincare routine, especially now that you understand the importance of hyaluronic acid!  Like we mentioned before, you can use Alle Points. Love SkinMedica and want to stay on your regimen? Join Brilliant Connections where you can purchase SkinMedica in the comfort of your own home!

Stay tuned for our next blog post in January, we will be discussing Botox and TNS Advanced!   Everyone here at Back to 30 is wishing you a fabulous holiday and Happy New Year!  

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