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A Safe, Effective, and Proven Way to Revitalize Your Jawline and Elevate Your Look

Imagine walking into a room, your refined jawline drawing admiring glances.

With JUVÉDERM® VOLUX® XC, that vision becomes your reality.

This premium injectable gel, leveraging advanced VYCROSS® technology, sculpts your profile with precision, offering results that resonate with your desire for a sense of belonging.

In the hands of our skilled practitioners, you'll discover a tailored approach to enhancing your natural contours, ensuring you feel a part of the refined aesthetic that defines our clientele.

Let us empower you to embody the best version of yourself with a jawline that speaks volumes of your poise.

Step into a world where your appearance reflects your aspirations – it's time to redefine your edge with JUVÉDERM® VOLUX® XC.

Discover the revolutionary power of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC for your jawline – Book your appointment for a transformation

Juvederm Volux: A Breakthrough in Jawline Enhancement

JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC is more than just an injectable gel; it's a transformative experience for your jawline.

Crafted with a unique blend of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally found in the skin, this smooth, clear, and colorless gel is infused with a trace of lidocaine for enhanced comfort.

The HA within the gel is adept at retaining moisture, contributing to a naturally youthful look.

Utilizing the innovative VYCROSS® technology, which incorporates a small amount of BDDE for crosslinking HA, JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC emerges as a highly specialized and smooth gel.

This technological marvel is precisely what lends your jawline that coveted definition.

How It Revitalizes Your Jawline

The magic of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC unfolds when it is expertly injected into the jaw area. Employing an ultrafine needle or cannula, this clear gel is introduced to the target zone in adults over 21 who experience moderate to severe loss of jawline definition.

Its volumizing effect reshapes the lower face, enhancing the contour along the jawline and diminishing the appearance of jowls.

The inclusion of lidocaine in JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC ensures a comfortable treatment process, minimizing pain and maximizing ease.

Achieve the jawline you've always desired – Contact us to explore the magic of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC

Sustained Definition and Elegance

Imagine a jawline so sculpted and defined, it remains resilient up to a year. Juvederm Volux promises this enduring elegance, offering contours that persist in their refined definition.

Unlocking the Power of Hyaluronic Acid

Juvederm Volux goes beyond mere enhancement, harnessing the natural benefits of hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate your jawline with unparalleled precision and gentleness.

This filler, with its innovative VYCROSS® tech, blends effortlessly with your skin, ensuring results that are both natural and striking.

Comfort and Confidence in Treatment

Longing for a jawline enhancement that is as comfortable as it is effective? Juvederm Volux promises you this ease, with minimal downtime and a gentle approach.

Safety and Assurance in Every Procedure

With Juvederm Volux, your safety is paramount. Each treatment is backed by a comprehensive safety profile, rigorously assessed for your peace of mind.

Trust our board-certified providers to guide you through this non-surgical journey towards facial rejuvenation. Join a group that radiates confidence, minimizing risks while maximizing definition.

Trust in our safe, expert-led treatments for your facial rejuvenation – Schedule a consultation for peace of mind!

Clinically Backed, Visibly Proven

Clinical tests on JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC have unveiled its remarkable ability to redefine jawlines in adults over 21, particularly those experiencing moderate to severe loss of jawline definition.

An impressive 70% of participants observed sustained enhancement in jawline definition at the 6-month mark, with a notable 61% maintaining these results up to a full year.

The study's subgroup analysis revealed that JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC transcends gender and skin types. Both males and females across various Fitzpatrick skin types reported significant improvements, highlighting its universal applicability.

Side effects, including tenderness, lumps, swelling, and bruising, were mostly mild to moderate and short-lived, typically resolving within two weeks.

While the results of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC are not permanent, the study highlighted the treatment's durability, with most patients maintaining their enhanced look for up to a year.

Participants expressed considerable satisfaction with their rejuvenated lower face and jawline appearance, appreciating the sculpted look and overall smoothness. This high satisfaction rate is a testament to the transformative impact of the treatment.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients with clinically proven results – See the difference with Juvederm Volux yourself!

Why Back to 30 is Your Go-To for Jawline Perfection

When you choose Back to 30 for your Juvederm Volux treatments, you're not just opting for beauty enhancements. You're embracing a journey with a team renowned for their precision and care in facial aesthetics.

Our expertise in Volux treatments guarantees a radiant confidence that shines through every expression. Let us help you redefine your beauty narrative.

Personalized Plans for Your Unique Profile

Your Juvederm Volux treatment is as unique as you are. We tailor our services to complement your facial contours and aesthetic goals, ensuring a jawline that is not just refined, but unmistakably yours.

Our holistic approach, inclusive of non-invasive procedures like lip fillers, is dedicated to elevating your entire aesthetic.

Begin Your Journey to a Sculpted Jawline

Ready to take the first step towards a chiseled, redefined jawline?

At Back to 30, we've mastered the art of jawline perfection with JUVÉDERM® VOLUX® XC. Trust in a treatment that's safe, satisfying, and stunningly effective.

Embrace a contoured profile that echoes your inner youthfulness, effortlessly. Don't wait—book your consultation now and step into a world where your confidence shines from every angle. Your sleek, defined jawline awaits.

It's time to transform and turn heads.

Your path to a sculpted, refined jawline starts here – Schedule your consultation at Back to 30 today!

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