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Lips are a common area of concern for many patients looking for injectable dermal filler treatment, especially since surgical procedures can be complicated to perform on them. However, this doesn’t mean that dermal filler treatments aren’t complex: just preferable in terms of effort and results, especially with a skilled provider.

Back to 30 has plenty of experience using dermal filler injections for lip fillers, helping enhance the look of your lips by bringing them in line with what the rest of your face looks like. Our lip filler treatments can contour the shape of your lips to get as close to your desired results as possible, all without the need for invasive procedures.

What Are Lip Filler Injections?

Lip fillers are gel-like compounds that can subtly or drastically change the shape, volume, and overall look of your lips. By binding with the water molecules found in the lip area, they can plump up your lips (while also hydrating them) creating a smooth, natural look that blends well with the rest of your facial features.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler: The Gold Standard For Lip Filler Treatment

Dermal fillers have plenty of different brands that you can use for your treatments, but in our experience, only hyaluronic acid fillers have the best possible results for lip filler treatments. While other types like collagen stimulators can work, the results patients usually want from their lip fillers require a lot of delicate work – which hyaluronic acid fillers excel at.

At Back to 30, we use several Juvederm fillers to get you the results that you want from your lip filler injections. Juvederm Ultra XC works well for mild improvements to lip symmetry; Juvederm Ultra Plus XC can add more volume; Juvederm Volbella XC can help plump the lips with long-lasting results.

Here are the top reasons why hyaluronic acid fillers work the best for lip fillers:

1) Natural Texture

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body and can be found in food – so it’s highly biocompatible with your body. Hyaluronic acid fillers can help provide natural-looking results, which are crucial since the lips need a lot of delicate work to get the procedure right.

2) Biocompatibility

This biocompatibility is crucial since allergic reactions can ruin any lip filler injections, and hyaluronic acid has high biocompatibility among dermal filler treatments. However, this also means that your body may absorb the hyaluronic acid in the filler faster – so consult your provider for further details.

3) Easy Movement

Hyaluronic acid fillers do add volume to the lips, but they’re more flexible compared to other dermal filler types. That means the injections would feel more natural in your lips after your treatment, and you shouldn’t have any difficulties with the sensation after the filler has settled in.

4) Reversible

The crucial safety feature of hyaluronic acid fillers is their susceptibility to hyaluronidase, a compound that breaks down hyaluronic acid. This is important in cases where you may not be completely happy with your filler results. Your provider can adjust your next dosage without any adverse effects, so you can get a better outcome.

Are There Risks to Lip Filler Injections?

Lip filler injections require a skilled injector for the best results. Like all dermal filler injections, there are some risks to getting them – though they usually resolve after a day or two of bed rest.

Here are the things you need to look out for with side effects:

  • Bruising, bleeding, or swelling around the injection site
  • Potential infections at the injection site after the treatment is done
  • Filler material migrating to other places after injection
  • Increased skin sensitivity after treatment
  • Prolonged inflammation after the injection is done

Again, these side effects aren’t serious – but if you encounter any side effects that seem too out of place, consult a doctor immediately.

The Back to 30 Guarantee: The Best Non-Surgical Aesthetics For A Better You

As one of South Carolina’s premier medical spas, Back to 30 prides itself on offering the best possible services for our clients, helping them reach their beauty and wellness goals with comprehensive aesthetic medicine. Our approach is simple: we help you get the best body possible without the need for invasive methods or surgery.

  • Well-trained team members. With a well-rounded team of medical practitioners and skin specialists, our medical spas can provide you personalized treatments while addressing a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. Every member of our team members receives continuing education, ensuring that you get nothing less than the best service we can provide.
  • Innovative products and equipment. We’re proud to say that we’ve pioneered the use of many state-of-the-art treatments in the Upstate region, and we’ve continued to keep pace with the latest trends and developments in aesthetic medicine. When you come to us for treatment, you can rest easy that you’ll receive the latest benefits in cosmetic treatments.
  • Accessible services. Accessible cosmetic care is one of the driving goals of why we do what we do. Aside from our four locations across South Carolina, we maintain an active presence online and offline, helping communities grow and our customers happy by addressing their concerns in real time. When you need us, we’ll be there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Filler Treatments

Q: How long do lip fillers last?

A: Lips are some of the more active areas on the face, so that means your body is likely to absorb the filler compound faster compared to places like the cheeks. While it’s difficult to give an exact estimate based on brand alone, most brands of lip fillers can generally last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. Consult your provider for more details.

Q: Can I get my consultation and treatment on the same day?

A: Absolutely. Lip fillers are non-invasive and usually take no more than an hour of treatment to apply, so it’s possible to just block off an afternoon for a visit to your nearest med spa to get it done. However, most experts and plastic surgeons would still advise that you separate your consultation and the actual procedure, just in case you want to rethink some things about your treatment.

Q: Do lip fillers hurt?

A: Because the lips have a lot of nerve endings, a little bit of pain is to be expected with lip filler injection. However, your injector has several ways they can make the procedure hurt less, from using equipment like microcannulas to applying products like topical numbing cream. If you’re worried about the pain, you can always talk to your provider for more details on what you can do about it.

Q: What’s the aftercare like for lip filler treatment?

A: While it’s a non-invasive procedure, lip filler treatment still requires some downtime after your session to avoid adverse effects and allow the filler time to settle in the lips. Fortunately, aside from keeping your lips relaxed (no pursing, puckering, or otherwise meddling with the lips) for a few days, you should be cleared to go about your usual activities.

Q: Are lip fillers covered by insurance?

A: Lip fillers are categorized under cosmetic treatments, which means that they’re not qualified for medical insurance. You can ask your provider or medical spa if they offer any discounts or promotions to help with the costs of lip filler treatments.

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