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Many of you have probably seen the advertisements for CoolSculpting on your television promising to freeze away fat cells. But have you wondered what extreme cold has to do with weight loss?

To understand how CoolSculpting works, we first need to understand cold technology in relation to fat cells.

Let’s start with how the fat cells in our bodies work. You are born with a certain number of fat cells. This number doesn’t change when you gain or lose weight.

Think about it like a balloon. When you gain weight, the balloon gets bigger and when you lose weight the balloon gets smaller. But, the balloon never multiplies.

For years, we believed through diet and exercise, we could make the fats cells smaller, but not remove them completely.

Now we know better. Fat cells actually eventually die, but its takes around ten years. Wait though, it gets better.

Now we know that this process can be accelerated through COLD.

Cold kills fat cells.

This is a huge deal! Diet and exercise can cause the fat cells to shrink, but they’re not removed completely. This is very important because researchers have found that there is a direct correlation between the number of fat cells in your body and how hungry you are.

Removing those fat cells can decrease your appetite, and also smooth and contour stubborn areas that diet and exercise are not reaching.

Introducing CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that uses cryolipolysis, a cooling technology, to actually suction and freeze the fats cells so that your body can eliminate them naturally giving you a smoother, more contoured figure.

To learn more, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our convenient locations by calling us at 864.372.3003.

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