Medical Grade vs. Drugstore Products

By Back to 30 Rejuvenation Centers on April 06, 2018

A moisturizer is a moisturizer, right? Actually, it’s not that simple. Many drugstore products make big claims about drastic results, but the truth is in the ingredients.

When you care about keeping your skin healthy and supple, you’re always looking for the next cream or lotion that is going to turn back time and solve all your skincare concerns.

It’s common to spend lots of time and money looking for the perfect products.

Whether it be your cleanser, toner, anti-aging serum, or something else, it’s vital to know what ingredients are in the products you’re putting on your face and if they are truly making a difference.

But let’s be honest, where do you start? The world of skincare can be overwhelming and a bit daunting. Therefore, we’re going to start with the difference between medical grade and drugstore products and why it matters.

Drugstore products are designed to appeal to the masses. A one size fits all if you will. These products are created to be suitable for the general population. The only way to safely market a product to potentially everyone is to keep the concentration of active ingredients relatively low to ensure no negative effects on different skin types.

The problem with this is that the active ingredients in skincare products are the ones that deliver on the big promises (ie: tight skin, hydration, wrinkle reduction).

So, if those ingredients are diluted, what good are the products actually doing?

Unlike drugstore products, medical grade products have a higher concentration of the active ingredients that make real changes in your skin. Not only are the active ingredients more potent, they are also in their purest form.

While drugstore products are designed to sit on the surface of the skin, medical grade products are designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin where true change can be accomplished.

But medical grade products are still not used by a vast majority of the population. Although there are several reasons, including cost and accessibility, a main reason is the desire to self-diagnose. We like to run to the store and grab the product that we saw on that commercial or in that magazine.

With the potency of medical grade products, this can be harmful if you don’t know what products are right for you. It’s like the difference between using a self-tanner and being sprayed by a professional. The professional has access to the better products and knows how to use them. Therefore, the results are going to be better (and much less streaky).

Similarly, when buying medical grade products, a skilled practitioner will examine your skin and determine which products will best address your needs.

If you have more questions about medical grade products, and the lines offered at Back to 30, feel free to call us at 864.372.3003 to schedule a complimentary skin assessment and consultation.

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